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Storage Brisbane

Self Storage Units

When I moved from a larger home into a rather small apartment, I was grateful for self storage units. I didn’t have a lot of stuff that I needed to put into storage, but there were some things that I had to save. There is no way to get these things in my new place without having to pile them into a corner, so storage was my only option. There are things that I have to get into on occasion though, so I had to have a place nearby where I could store them and get into the unit whenever I wanted to. The self storage units that are less than a mile from me were the perfect answer to my problem.

The very best feature of having self storage units is that you can store our things your way, and you can have access any time you want. If you have someone else store it for you, you are at his or her mercy. They can stack or store them any way they want to, and you have to wait until they are around to get to your stuff. If you can’t get to your stuff when you need to, you are going to end up feeling rather frustrated. Self storage units take care of that frustration for you.

Even better, self storage units come in all sorts of sizes. You can get something the size of a closet if that’s all the space you need, or you can get something that is the size of a garage if you have more to store. The larger self storage units are great if you have furniture or other large items to store, and some of them are even heated. Over estimate the space you need when you choose self storage units. It’s better to over estimate than to under estimate.

There are other uses for self storage units that you may not have thought of. Though you will need permission for this, you can use them for things you may not have considered. When my husband was in a band in Pittsburgh, he and his band rented on of the largest self storage units they could find for a band rehearsal space. They had to pay extra for use of electricity, but it was the cheapest place they could find. Not all people who own self storage units will let this go on, but if you look around you may find one.



Plumbing Brisbane

22. March 2016 Plumbing 0

Blocked drains, faulty water systems, sewage and broken pipes are all headaches that you would rather not have in your lives; especially if you are living in a big, populous city like Brisbane. Finding a good plumbing service is hard, and one that is fair and doesn’t set you back a fortune is harder still. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of some of the most professional and qualified plumbing services in Brisbane so that you don’t have to look too hard when it comes to finding the right plumber for your home or office.

Brisbane Northside Plumbing: A family owned business, Brisbane Northside Plumbing prides themselves on their friendly service, the quality of their craft and their ability to offer all of their services at an affordable cost. They also provide special discounts for people from different walks of life e.g. pensioners. Visit their website today to get all the information you need.

MINT Plumbing Services: Established in 2005, MINT Plumbing Services has been supplying its services to small as well as big constructions all over Brisbane and Queensland. They can assist you in repairing blockages and leaks as well fixing and installing hot water systems, rainwater tanks, gas appliances and solar and heat pumps. Get all the necessary information from MINT Plumbing.

Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage Services: Renowned for their attention to detail and providing plumbing services in Brisbane ranging from residential to industrial to commercial, Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage services is a rapidly growing business that you can contact in case of an emergency and are in need of a quick response. Visit Brisbane Plumbing to get a quote for your job or to call a plumber now.

Allanna Plumbing Services: Formed in 1990 as a family business and now boasting a fleet of more than 35 vehicles, the Allanna Plumbing Services in Brisbane can provide you with anything ranging from general plumbing to gas fitting, general maintenance, roofing and also wet area renovations. They also service many major clients around the Queensland area ranging from hospitals, schools, retirement homes and also numerous builders. Visit their website to gain all the information you need and also to get a quote for your job.

Bell Plumbing Maintenance: Claiming to be the quickest on call plumbers in the Brisbane area, Bell Plumbing Maintenance provide both residential and commercial plumbing and gas fitting services. There plumbers are highly qualified and capable. They are also the only plumbing service in the Brisbane area that provides its customers with an upfront flat rate cost whether it is day or night or any other hour of the day. Visit Bell Plumbing now to book your plumber.

All Plumbing Services: Taps, hot water, leaky pipes and blockages. All Plumbing Services provides its customers with a wide range of plumbing and drainage services in Brisbane and a guarantee of top quality work. They are also Telstra- accredited cable locators and can help you locate and avoid damage to your services during excavation or renovation. Visit them at truelocal to get additional information.

Murphy Plumbing and Gas: For all your plumbing Brisbane, drainage and gas fitting needs.  Servicing Brisbane Western suburbs out to Ipswich, and Brisbane North suburbs.  Call them today! Ph 0415 522 959

Move Out Cleaning – Let The Professionals Clean Your House

move out cleaning brisbaneMoving home can become extremely stressful and tiring.  And after everything is packed up and gone, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning the property top to bottom to get your bond back.

Who wants to spend hours labouring away cleaning and scrubbing the place only to be told in the end by the real estate agent that your efforts were all in vain. This is a story that we hear often and we understand your frustration and pain.  Camp Mountain House Angels specialises in Move Out Cleaning, also known as End of Lease Cleaning, Bond Cleaning or Exit cleaning requirements in North Brisbane.

Camp Mountain House Angels can also arrange for professional carpet cleaning and pest control if you have a pet that’s part of the family and living inside or is you have a mark on your carpet? Let us take care of any extra services that you might need when you are moving home.

Our Guarantee

You can place your trust in Camp Mountain House Angels’ professional bond cleaning services. We know what your property should look like and we use the exact same checklist as your agents do. Don’t stress over the worries of your bond, let our professionals take care of that for you. That’s our Guarantee.

With our professional bond cleaning, we guarantee our clean for a full 7 days and make sure you get your bond back every time without issues – Our service includes free callback; if there is anything we’ve missed or not up to the agent or landlord’s standard, we will come back out to the property and rectify it ASAP (normally within 24hours).

We proudly serve all suburbs in Brisbane and are available 7 days a week without any surcharges.

Call us on 0432 406 601  for a free quote now or complete our online form. We will make the experience as easy as possible, with flexible hours without compromising your wallet. We will even complete the works whilst you are busy at work.

Bond Cleaning List – Our bond clean includes the following:

General – All internal area

  • Cobwebs removed internally
  • Exhaust fans cleaned
  • Light fittings dusted and wiped
  • Air conditioners including filters cleaned
  • Shelves and drawers cleaned
  • Power points and light switches cleaned
  • Hard surface floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Wardrobe doors, tracks, and shelves cleaned
  • Windows washed inside and outside where reachable
  • Window frames and door frames dusted and wiped
  • Window and door tracks cleaned
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Walls spot cleaned
  • Doors cleaned
  • Blinds dusted


  • Oven interior and exterior degreased and cleaned
  • Stovetop degreased and cleaned
  • Range hood and filters degreased and cleaned
  • Bench tops, drawers, shelves, doors cleaned
  • Cupboards cleaned inside, outside and top
  • Dishwasher cleaned inside, outside and filters
  • Sinks and taps cleaned and polished
  • Splashbacks wiped and polished

Bathrooms & Toilets

  • Basins, taps and plug hole cleaned and polished
  • Cupboard inside and outside, shelves and drawers cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Shower screens, sills and tiles cleaned
  • Bath and plug holes cleaned
  • Toilet bowl and seat disinfected and cleaned inside and outside
  • Exhaust fans cleaned


  • Cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Laundry sink, taps and plug hole cleaned

Balcony / Deck

  • Cobwebs removed
  • Swept and mopped


  • Cobwebs removed
  • Walls spot cleaned
  • Swept

Additional costs – Our bond clean does NOT include any of the following:

  • Washing or Wiping of blinds
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Whitegoods / Appliance Cleaning (e.g. Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave etc) – A full bond clean of fully furnished property includes this service*
  • Upholstery / Soft Furniture Cleaning (e.g. Sofa, Mattresses etc)
  • Kitchenware Cleaning (e.g. Cutlery etc)
  • Linen Cleaning (e.g. Bedsheets etc)
  • Grout Cleaning (Floor)
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Garage Door Cleaning
  • Rubbish Bin Cleaning
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Mould Cleaning
  • Ceilings
  • Gardens
  • Weeding
  • High Pressure Cleaning (e.g. Driveway etc)
  • Exterior House Washing


Our Angels LOVE to see the home sparkling clean – call Kirstine today!    0432 406 601

Top Business Opportunities

05. February 2016 Business Opportunities 0

business (2)Business opportunities about for those who seek it, as a popular saying dictates. With the abundance of social media and all talks on analytics and engagement, growth hacking is a backside of it that presents a lot of opportunities. It’s taking another saying of striking the iron while it’s hot to another level, one if its own.

If there is one thing common to growth hackers, it is their differing styles of arriving at the same destination.

Dropbox offered storage space for free when users invited friends to join. Airbnb took advantage of cross post listing to drive further traffic back coming from Craigslist.

Facebook made use of user’s badges and widgets that can be embedded in their websites or blogs. Creating impressions amounting to billions in a month in turn converting to signups.


Creative techniques, if you want to call it, in funneling user take up rates, product purchase, or more clicks, sign ups and readership.

These growth hacking activities take data driven analysis to see if users will allow opening up their email addresses or social networks profiles to bring in pipelines for growth of businesses using these innovative steps.

Realizing which activity works for the most returns, hackers find ways to simplify and make it work for them the most. Automating is one.


bp-handsup-happyAccording to Dropbox, focusing on a specific goal and running tests to discern which made it achievable is important. Asking makes things happen and for it to continually happen, automation helps further.

This builds further in effective costs on acquisitions of customers. Startups are now getting better in hooking customers of higher value at lower cost.

After all the analytical side of things, comes the Partnership aspect.


Founders of start up come to realize that creating strategic partnerships with bigger entities, influencers and associations provide good business pipeline.

A caveat however with most founders is that since mostly are engineers or technology thinkers, creating partnerships appears to be an art form for them. Negotiating, networking and nurturing relationships are quite unfamiliar for most.


A good start is to create the trust in between parties. One must ask if its business stands to gain a higher trust perception if it deals with another company with a built brand on good reputation.

This mirrors back to the startup as it is bundled with another business who has been in the business alongside a creditable track record.


An environment of partnership becomes invaluable structures for driving growth potential. Applications and products which complement your services be it a common goal or customer base, is green light to go and seek possible interaction. So much more if they have a bigger audience if you are the startup.


A strategy enabling a company to get through an existing market and winning it over while keeping the customers has become a staple in new market takeovers. But all that with taking the lion’s share of profits by turning the screws on the competition then eliminating it and highly setting the stage for long-term growth probable is called the profit share strategy. An underserved market is where profit sharing strategy works well.


779434483This is another form of growth hacking. One that can take advantage of what is currently in the market, disrupting it and then disposing it as needed. With that said, only the market entry gain is sought after by the hackers.


Create symbiosis by integrating both strengths, yours and theirs. Look at how you can enhance both your existing customers and find commonalities as well as improving on each other’s weaker links for a win-win set up.

Growth hacking is an enormous blend of brooding business development, optimized technology leading steps and creative marketing, offline and online. Create the perfect fit, both solely and in partnerships.